Cholula Hot Sauce and House of Blues Bottle Caddy Folding Carton

April 23, 2010

Cholula Hot Sauce Bottle Caddy

4 Pack Bottle Caddy

 Cholula is now Rockin’ the House of Blues with this new 4 bottle festive carrier filled with Cholula Hot Sauce.  You will also see this carrier in select restaurants, or you can buy it as part of a set of Cholula Hot Sauce.  

We manufactured this packaging out of 24pt SBS and coated the bottle carrier with UV to help the folding carton resist moisture and last longer.  This custom designed packaging was a collaboration between The Yebo Group and Synergy, a Marketing Communications and Advertizing/Design Firm. 



  1. ineed to buy a caddy for my restaurant. i have 69 tables and i was look for cholula caddys to put salsa on every table

  2. I want this for my school kid. He has to design a stand for 4 water bottles and i think this is exactly what i am looking for. I do not know any graphics or design . Can you please help me or give me a diagram so that my son can cut and paste the display stand? I hope its ok and not a trade secret?
    I would really appreciate your help. My email is tomthewo@gmail.com

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