Corrugated Options to “Green” your Boxes

May 2, 2010
Recycled Eco-Friendly Boxes

EnviroKraft™ corrugated boxes

EnviroKraft™ corrugated boxes are manufactured using 100% Post Consumer Recycled fibers’.  Most companies are concerned that recycled cardboard (32 ECT for example) will have the same strength as their 100% virgin corrugated sheet counterparts.  However,  EnviroKraft™ recycled corrugated boxes have tested at the same strength as those of the 200# cardboard variety. EnviroKraft™ corrugated is available in strengths from 26ect to 350DW.

Printing is also not an issue with our EnviroKraft™ cardboard boxes.  We can print both gradient and screen printing onto the custom corrugated box giving it the same look that you would expect from a printed Kraft custom cardboard box.  Also, if you are considering using EnviroKraft™ boxes for your corrugated packaging, you may also want to consider using soy based inks.  Soy based inks are more environmentally friendly than petroleum based because they are manufactured with sustainable, earth based materials.

The Yebo Group has EnviroKraft™ corrugated manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Jose, CA, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ and Chicago, IL.


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