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Shipping Box and Foam Insert for Custom Exhaust Manifolds

June 10, 2010

RETT Sytle White Shipping Box with custom designed foam insert

The Yebo Group worked with GK Systems to create a versatile foam insert that would protect many different exhaust manifolds.  Six Cylinder, Eight Cylinder exhaust manifolds both right and left easily fit into this “pull and pick”  recycled eco-friendly foam insert.  It creates a perfect protective packaging solution for a low volume, multiple size and shape one package alternative.  The box style is a Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) manufactured with a corrugated sheet of 200b mottled white.  This style give the retailer the ability to open and close the package without having to use tape to re-close.  It also makes it easy for the end-user to decide and look at the product before a purchase is made,  which can save it from looking as damaged, old or used.


Prego Pillow massage for Pregnant Women: Shipping Box

June 9, 2010
Prego Pillow b Body's Kneaded

Yebo Group designed a custom shipping box for Prego Pillow

The Prego Pillow was developed by Body’s Kneaded, a southern California company that was in search of a better way to massage pregnant women.  The Yebo Group designed a custom shipping box to provide an adequate and affordable way to ship these unique massage pillows.  Boxes can can be made to open on many sides. The Prego Pillow product needed a long rectangle box.  BY opening the box on the 2 smallest dimensions we reduced the cost. The old adage “deeper is cheaper” resulted was a lower cost for this custom shipping carton.  Contact for your shipping boxes.

Prego Pillow by Body's Kneaded

Body's Kneaded - Fleece Covered Prego Pillow


Quality packaging meets a Customer Price Point: Custom Colors and Downgrading the Board weight.

June 8, 2010
Folding Carton 12pt SBS 4CP + PMS 877

Wave Energy Drink new 4 Can Retail Pack

Wave Energy Drink approached the Yebo Group to design a retail pack for 4 cans of their energy drink.  We originally designed the pack in 18pt sbs.  The cost per unit was too high to make it work within their budget and price target.  We redesigned the pack to use a 12pt SBS and reduced the cost to make this initial test run pencil out.  Wave Energy Drink uses a four-color logo plus they wanted a specific silver to match the aluminum cans the drinks are supplied in.  We did a color draw down on a  PMS silver that turned out to be the best result.  If you run into color match problems with your printing please contact the Yebo Group to see how we can help with your retail packaging needs.


Protective Packaging: Presenting a solution to Vividlite

June 8, 2010
Vividlite L.E.D. Light packaging

A great designed protective package for this unique L.E.D. light

Vividlite contacted the Yebo Group to help design a packaging to safely transport the next generation of wireless LED Technology.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite met and discussed the importance of packaging the product to make a safe transit.  Information needed included, how the product is shipped, what is the product made from, what encompasses the whole package, Does the package need to also be a carrying case, and how does Vividlite want the package to look once delivered.  Once this information was gathered the Yebo Group went to work designing a foam set from eco-friendly poly lam foam to protect the package from damage as a single shipment and also to fit a stock carton.  This allowed Vividlite to keep costs at a minimum since the packaging was only going to be used as a one-way shipper.  About 3-4 days later we met again with a prototype sample.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite discussed he prototype and decided it was ready to go to production with just one minor size change.  The Yebo Group delivered the production run about 5 days later.