Protective Packaging: Presenting a solution to Vividlite

June 8, 2010
Vividlite L.E.D. Light packaging

A great designed protective package for this unique L.E.D. light

Vividlite contacted the Yebo Group to help design a packaging to safely transport the next generation of wireless LED Technology.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite met and discussed the importance of packaging the product to make a safe transit.  Information needed included, how the product is shipped, what is the product made from, what encompasses the whole package, Does the package need to also be a carrying case, and how does Vividlite want the package to look once delivered.  Once this information was gathered the Yebo Group went to work designing a foam set from eco-friendly poly lam foam to protect the package from damage as a single shipment and also to fit a stock carton.  This allowed Vividlite to keep costs at a minimum since the packaging was only going to be used as a one-way shipper.  About 3-4 days later we met again with a prototype sample.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite discussed he prototype and decided it was ready to go to production with just one minor size change.  The Yebo Group delivered the production run about 5 days later.


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