Shipping Box and Foam Insert for Custom Exhaust Manifolds

June 10, 2010

RETT Sytle White Shipping Box with custom designed foam insert

The Yebo Group worked with GK Systems to create a versatile foam insert that would protect many different exhaust manifolds.  Six Cylinder, Eight Cylinder exhaust manifolds both right and left easily fit into this “pull and pick”  recycled eco-friendly foam insert.  It creates a perfect protective packaging solution for a low volume, multiple size and shape one package alternative.  The box style is a Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) manufactured with a corrugated sheet of 200b mottled white.  This style give the retailer the ability to open and close the package without having to use tape to re-close.  It also makes it easy for the end-user to decide and look at the product before a purchase is made,  which can save it from looking as damaged, old or used.

One comment

  1. Custom designed packaging boxes are great innovation. The packaging boxes with eco-friendly foam inserts are easy to use and convinent to handle. We just need to place the product inside and close the box. It will safe and it can be opened easily when required, to check the product before final discharge. Custom designed boxes are tailored made as per the requirements of the company. Good post. Informative and simpler.

    Best Of luck!


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