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Roll End Tuck Top Cherry Lock Box for Minx Nails

June 30, 2011

This customized box was created by Yebo Group for Minx Nails, the product that extends fashion to your fingertips.

Making sure all the products contained within the box remain safe during shipping and storage, Yebo Group developed a Roll End Tuck Top Cherry Lock Box with Built-in Double Inserts.   The dust flaps tuck into the side of the box to keep dust and particles out of the package during shipping and the cherry lock flaps, which fit tightly into the front sides of the box, keeping the lid securely closed during shipping and storage.

In addition, the built-in inserts have folding sides to provide double walls of cushion to protect and hold the products in place during shipping.  The insert on the left of the box is an elevated divider which accommodates the necessary parts included in the kit.

The art work inside and outside of the box is eye catching and sleek.  Yebo created this black box by flood coating both inside and outside. Upon opening the lid the bright and colorful Spot Litho Label immediately grabs your attention.  And the silver you see everywhere is the Minx Logo directly printed onto the box using Silver PMS (Pantone Matching System) adding to the wow effect of the package!

The design of the box was perfect for the products within and the art work placed on the box is as hip and sleek as the Minx products themselves.


Boom Boom! Counter top display

June 30, 2011

Yebo Group custom designed this box for Boom Boom Revolution; a card game with a modern take on the classic idea of paying it forward .   These custom counter top displays have cut top headers and is covered full litho laminated labels.   The box on the left has a 6-slot built-in insert, as well as a solid insert covered in a litho laminated label.  The colors are very vibrant and the printing crisp and easy to read.  The box on the right has a 12 slot built-in insert, with a different design, but all the same printing process.   These custom boxes are sure to catch customers attention!


2-Piece Set Up Box with a Mylar Sleeve

June 27, 2011

Our client needed customized packaging for an advertising campaign with a short dead line.   And as our name says Yebo! Yes we can,  we created, produced, and delivered the box on schedule.

Each piece of the box is wrapped in a Full Sheet Litho; the color wraps over all edges of the box for a clean look.  Each end of the top box is vibrant yellow and stands out against the dark royal blue box and for the wow factor; we created a Mylar sleeve with screen printing to slip over the entire box.  The foam insert was also customized to hold a booklet and DVD and to fit snuggly inside the box for shipping.

Yebo can meet your customized box needs!


Counter Top Display with the works!

June 24, 2011

The Yebo Group designed this eye catching specialty box that has everything!  This counter top display is constructed with an auto bottom tuck top, perforated sides, a folding header with a built-in insert, and a printed litho label.

The auto bottom allows for quick set up and easy placement
of product into the built-in insert. The tuck top easily opens and closes and folds effortlessly into the header and the litho labels colors are bright and printing crisp and sharp.  When displaying the package, the perforated sides remove quickly and easily.

Let The Yebo Group help you design the perfect packaging for
your products!


Blue “energy” RETT box

June 21, 2011

Do you need to launch a new product, boost your employee’s morale, or motivate or provide incentives to your sales force?  Here is one way of doing just that.  Yebo was contracted to design this box for a promotion which held a gift card.  This “energy” blue box, very similar to our RETT 2 sided Litho Lam box.  On this box Yebo used a single litho label, laminated onto a corrugated roll end tuck top box (RETT).  Litho labels generate vivid colors and as you can see the brilliant blue background allows the wording “energy” to stand out.    This box measures approximately 6-5/8 x 6-1/4 x 1-1/2.   


Marketing RETT 2 sided Litho Lam Box

June 21, 2011

Get creative in marketing the services your company has to offer!   Yebo designed this box for promotional campaign.  We created a Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) corrugated box and laminated it with a two sided litho label.   Notice the bright, clean, eye catching colors you get with a Litho Laminated Label.

Informative business literature was enclosed in the box advertising their services, which were mailed to perspective customers.    Think of using this great, attention-grabbing box to advertise and market your company or use it for any number of applications.  Let your imagination envision how you can use it!


Promotional Gift Box

June 14, 2011





Catch the eye of new clients or say thank you to your previous clients in an impressive way!  Yebo Group created this beautiful promotional gift box to hold two etched wine glasses and a USB stick.  To construct this sleek, modern look, we produced a black embossed turned edge box with a magnetic closure.  The inside is lined with shimmering copper paper and the grey ether foam was tooled to the perfect sizes to hold and protect the wine glasses and USB stick.   The finished size of the box is 11-1/2 x 9 x 5-1/2.