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RTE Box Set – Keep the ball rolling

May 30, 2012


The squeaky wheel gets the grease but sometimes all you need are new ball bearings!  Locate Ball Bearings contacted Yebo, Inc. to design a set of boxes to hold different sizes of ball bearings. Each box is a RTE (Reverse Tuck End) box with friction fit and slit locks for a more secure closure. The 3 color graphics are printed on 15.5 pt. CCNB with aqueous coating. is a worldwide one stop shop bearing locating service. They specialize in hard to find bearings for just about every application imaginable from roller blades to oil rigs.  Yebo, Inc. can design any size package for your products.     


Handled Sleeve-Bento-Ware Lunch Boxes

May 14, 2012


Yebo, Inc. designed these colorful sleeves and packages for Bento-Ware Laptop Lunch Boxes. These sleeves are made of 16pt CCNB, 4 color process with aqueous coating. The sleeve is very sturdy for displaying and makes it very easy to carry! Bento-Ware Laptop Lunch Boxes are waste-free lunch containers made up of two components; a versatile, kid-friendly reusable lunch container, and a book of creative lunch-making ideas. They are also great for adults for work, school, and for travel. These reusable containers create no waste and Bento-Ware has created recyclable utensils and napkins which will be available soon! Let Yebo! create your custom packages!