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FETCH this!

April 25, 2013

Sml Cigar box collage

Fetch, an award winning mobile marketing agency, had Yebo! create this cool 3 x 3 x 2 cigar box. It is made of sturdy 60pt chipboard and is wrapped in a litho label inside and out. This cute little box is being used as a marketing promotion for their business, it holds a Bluetooth speaker…get it? Cool idea. Cool box.


Timbuk2 Cubed

April 23, 2013

STE Thumblocks Timbuk2 collage

This corrugated 12 x 12 x 12 cube was created specifically for display purposes for Timbuk2. Each panel has a different picture of San Francisco for versatility. Since this box is being used for display purposes it needs to be versatile and sturdy. The sturdiness comes from the thin corrugated paper used and different pictures of San Francisco on each panel, in a full litho laminated label, creates versatility. A little box know how used by Yebo! to keep the box openings held tightly closed were using thumb locks. These help the box not bow out, become bent, or lose its square shape. Yebo! made a great looking customized display box to display Timbuk2’s great customizable products. Check out our Facebook page to see them displayed!


Life is like a bar of chocolate

April 18, 2013

RTE Hawaiian Choc collage

Garden Island Chocolate is one more reason to love Kauai, Hawaii. These two boxes were created by Yebo! to hold their delicious chocolate candy bars. This box style is an RTE (reverse tuck end) which is a good choice for holding the chocolate bars more securely in the package. We created it in 14pt with 4 color process printing to create the clear colors. Don’t forget to try these yummy Hawaiian grown and made chocolate bars and remember Yebo! for all your packaging needs


Boxes & Foam & Games, Oh my!

April 11, 2013

RETT DFCL Cascadia collage

We might not be experts on how Game Dock works, which turns your iPhones and iPads into a console, but we are experts on creating packaging for them!
The foam insert we customized to fit Cascadia Games, Game Dock. The foam insert is placed into the RETT DFCL that is covered in a litho label with aqueous coating. Yebo! also produced the shipping box printed. It is printed on two panels of the RSC/shipping box. Cascadia Game’s logo is printed on the front panel and their website address is printed on one side of the RSC. With Yebo! it is one stop shopping for all your packaging needs.


Sully Erna Gift Box

April 4, 2013

Hinged Rigid Sully Collage 2

Yebo! designed this multifaceted gift box for Sully Erna, the lead singer of the band Godsmacked, for his first solo album, Avalon. The beautiful cover on the box is a litho label with matte film lamination which is wrapped around the entire package. To create the look of metal on the corners and emblems we used silver foil embossing.
Upon opening the hinged lid you are greeted with gifts! The first tray was customized to hold 5 different sizes and styles of items. Remove the first tray to see a second tray with more gifts and a book! Yebo! also created this 100 page book. It is covered in black linen and embossed with gold foil. Purchasers of this box of goodies will be truly impressed! Yebo! can do it all!


Look Ma, No Hands!

April 2, 2013

Pillow box Secretz collage

Don’t you hate carrying a purse everywhere you go when all you need are your keys, cell phone, cash and lipstick? These are too many items to carry in your hands. Secretz has solved this problem with their 3-pocket garter purse. Yebo has solved Secretz packaging needs with this pretty purple Pillow Box. Using the box is a snap! Close the bottom, slip the purse inside, then snap close the top and it’s ready for purchase. Yebo can help solve your packing needs!

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