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More is better!

May 30, 2013

Turned Edge Litho Ortho both boxes

Our client, an orthodontist, needed packaging to hold dental equipment. Needing two boxes, Yebo recommended creating the same box size because purchasing higher quantities lowers the per box price. This box style is a Turned Edge with Lid and the boxes are differentiated by artwork and each box is wrapped in litho labels with gloss lamination. Using gloss lamination gives a rich look to the package, can be wiped clean and doesn’t show fingerprints. If you were wondering how the lid stays closed, it is held securely in place with two Velcro dots. Velcro dots were used in place of magnets as another cost savings to our customer. Here at Yebo! like happy customers and we aim to create the best packaging at the best prices.


Style Matters!

May 23, 2013

Entrapment Binder DellaRobbia collage

It isn’t every day the inside of a binder needs to be as stylish as the outside however, it was important to Della Robbia; makers of modern contemporary furniture. Other than being very eye catching, the orange and red interior colors are to differentiate their wholesale and retail catalogs. Other features on these binders is the front artwork which is an entrapment, the ring size is 1-1/2” slanted D-rings, which help the pages lie flat, and pockets on the inside of the front cover. Let Yebo help you make binders that express your company’s unique style.


Variety is the spice of life!

May 21, 2013

RETT DFCL Herdez collage

Creating specialized packaging is what we do at Yebo! This sturdy RETT DF/CL with its handle makes a handy carrying case for yummy Herdez Cooking Sauces. The foam insert nestles the bottles safely in separate compartments and if you look closely there is a cut out in the foam to hold a USB! Aren’t we clever? The attractive artwork on the outside of the package is a litho label with gloss aqueous coating which gives it a nice sheen and that extra wow factor. Catch the attention of your customers with customize packaging from Yebo!


Butter us up!

May 14, 2013

TTSLB RootedBeauty Collage

Rooted Beauty, creators of skincare that is good for you, good for the earth, and good for others, needed packaging to hold their eco-tubes of Lip Butter. Yebo! designed this Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom box, with tapered perforations, to create a counter top display. Using perforations provides ease for the end user in preparing the package for display. Yebo! can help you develop perfect packaging for your special products.


Attractive & Economical

May 9, 2013

OPF Oakley Litho collage

One Panel Folders are an economical choice and here is a good example how to make it look expensive. This OPF is made of 200E Kraft and the top is covered in a full litho label. The attractive artwork on the litho label was designed by Atomic Blue Design. Enclosed in the OPF is a 22 page spiral booklet with tabs also created by Yebo! Let Yebo! help create packaging for your specific needs.


Make a good impression!

May 7, 2013

Padded Vinyl Kubota collage

Kubota Nikkei Mortuary wanted an attractive binder to present families with memorial records. Yebo! created this lovely one-half inch 3-ring Padded Black Vinyl Binder. On the cover of the binder we used screen printing in a pantone color and inside there is pocket to hold loose papers. Let Yebo! help you make a good impression with binders or presentation folders.


Silhouette Lift

May 2, 2013

RollEnd Book Flap Silhouette.Collage

The owner of Silhouette Lift, non-surgical facial products, contacted Yebo! to create packaging with a soft, visual esthetic appeal. Yebo! designed this attractive box using pearlescent paper for its subtle sheen and to create the beautiful artwork two pantone metallic inks were used. The box style is a Roll End Book Flap and Velcro dots hold the book flap in place. Contact Yebo! to help design custom packaging for your products.