“Do you want a hat with those waffles?”

October 30, 2013


Popular Demand is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, and Roscoe’s is a restaurant chain that serves chicken & waffles. If you think that the two can’t go together, well, you guessed wrong! Popular Demand and Roscoe’s decided to collaborate. In order to cross-promote their companies, they wanted to create just a few marketing kit boxes, and they needed to mail them out ASAP. It’s a good thing that they came to Yebo, where short-run, quick turnaround jobs are no problem! We decided to use a folding mailer box with a print-lined interior, as well as an insert to separate the shirt and hat they were placing inside. We wish that we were on the receiving end of such a good-looking box.

Be sure to check out our website if you have any short-run packaging needs, because no job is too big or too small for us!


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