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Magnetize Me, Cap’n!

November 18, 2013

MobileMagCollageHow awesome would it be if your phone non-destructively attached itself to your dashboard? How about inside your home? Well, how about anywhere really? Good news, Mobile-Mags has made that possible! Mobile-Mags is a startup company that has invented a way to magnetize your phone (or other mobile product). Because their products were going to be sold mainly in convenience stores, they needed impactful packaging to make their product stand out amidst all of the other tech products. When they found Yebo, they were glad to see that we were completely ok with designing a small, simple folding carton that clearly communicated their product. We are excited to have been a part of such a cool product launch. Be sure to check your local convenience store to see if Mobile-Mags are in stock!


Just Monkeypodding Around

November 14, 2013

Monkeypod collageMonkeypod Kitchen is a Hawaii-based chain of restaurants that is dedicated to the art of  handcrafted food & drink. They were looking for a way to promote their restaurants to potential investors, and heard that Yebo was “pretty good” with that kind of stuff. They needed a clean and simple campaigning packet that would still leave a big impression. We were able to produce an awesome, magnetically-closed bookflap box that contained an informational booklet about their business. We think that the box style in combination with the earthy tones & artwork was able to convey exactly what Monkeypod was about.

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Beware: Wild Boxes

November 12, 2013

RSC REI Collage‘Wild’ is a film about one woman’s solo journey into the wilderness as a way to recover from catastrophe. In one part of the film, the main character, played by Reese Witherspoon, receives several REI shoe boxes in the mail in an attempt to find the right hiking boot. Luckily, the Art Director for the movie discovered Yebo! He needed us to replicate the REI mailer boxes from the time period in which they were sent out, and he only needed ten of them. Of course, great-quality, short-run jobs are never an issue for us. We produced a simple shipping box with a directly-printed REI logo and it looked exactly like the boxes he showed us.  We’re excited to see ‘Wild’ in theaters in 2014 (but really, we’re even more excited to see those shoe boxes)!

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Nobody puts Yebo in a corner!

November 5, 2013

DanceMakersDanceMakers is a national dance competition that holds many different events all over the nation each year. DanceMakers’ first job with Yebo was a rigid, 2 piece marketing kit in which they could present their t-shirts. They had such a great experience with us that they came back with another custom box need! This time around, they wanted dance competition kits (substantially larger than t-shirt boxes) that would contain several different items necessary for competing in one of the events.

We went about this was by creating individual & functional sections inside a tray insert, in combination with a hidden compartment underneath. You can see for yourself – pretty cool, right? Additionally, because of the previous partnership we had with them, we were able to recycle their branding. Not only did it look great, it also maintained consistency that made DanceMakers recognizable.

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