Why Does Product Packaging Matter?

July 3, 2015

Online marketing has brought about a lot of changes to the retail world, including less emphasis on how products are packaged. This might seem odd to many of us, considering that the internet has also brought about worldwide competition. As more people continue to use social media sites to find and purchase products, fewer companies have been taking the extra effort to prepare their products, until recently.  Product packaging is re-emerging as a valuable marketing method. Now, more companies are recognizing that custom retail packaging can be the one factor that sets their products apart from those of the competition.

How to Create Effective Retail Packaging

There are a number of details that go into custom packaging that make a difference in how likely customers are to choose your product. One way that manufacturers are appealing to customers is to reduce the size of their packages. In addition to making it more convenient for them to handle and store once they have it at home, it is also a more environmentally friendly packaging that contributes less waste.

Color has an important role in creating a package that is attention-getting and appealing to customers at a glance. Red is the most effective color used in packaging, but other colors may be appropriate to create the right psychological impact for the product it will hold. For example, products that are designed specifically for women might use pink to convey femininity, while those that you want to appeal to a person’s passion for the outdoors would be more effectively wrapped in green.

Getting the package right means combining the right colors, logos, materials and graphics to reflect the unique qualities of the product it will hold. To learn more about custom product packaging for your products, call 800-356-0267.

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