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From Oshkosh By Gosh!

June 12, 2013

TTSLB Bison collage

Yebo created this counter top display for Bison Balm, organic skin balm made in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The style of package is a tuck top snap lock bottom with perforations (TTSLB for short). TTSLB’s are a good choice for counter top displays, they are easy to assemble and can be set up for quick display. For example, once the retailer receives this package the lid is opened and then tucked in behind the products (pretend they are there) which creates the header. Next, remove the perforated sides and the product is ready for display! Yebo can create packaging for your specific needs!


Secondwave Recycling

February 13, 2013

Counter Top w Easel 2ndWave Collage

Yebo had the opportunity to create this Counter Top Display Easel with Pocket for Secondwave Recycling.  The front of this 9 x 12 easel and the front and sides of the pocket are covered in a litho laminated label.  This is an economical and attractive way to display your literature.  Check out Secondwave Recycling’s website to find out how you can recycle your phone and support a great cause and view Yebo’s website for your packaging needs.

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Envelope Pouch with Hang Tab & Circular Cut out – Minx Nails

March 20, 2012

Yebo, Inc. produced this unique envelope pouch to hold Minx Nails nail covers created especially for Roxy.   The envelope pouch is made using 12 pt. SBS paper.  The circular cut out is a clever way to showcase the nail covers and the hang tab allows the envelope pouch to be hung for display.  Also, with the convenient size of the envelope pouch, it can be placed in a popup counter top display.  Let Yebo, Inc. help create the perfect package for your product!


Jawbone Counter Top Display – Bark 4 Green

February 22, 2012

Yebo Group worked with Bark 4 Green to design this sturdy Jawbone Counter Top Display.  It was an excellent choice for displaying their “On the Go Dog Treats”.   Constructing the Jawbone Counter Top Display in corrugated paper creates the sturdiness and the litho laminated label produces the attractive colors and clear printing.  The large opening is perfect for dispensing Bark 4 Green’s individually wrapped dog treats.  If you are dog lover you might be interested to know that Bark 4 Green uses 100% human grade, all natural ingredients, no preservatives, hormones or antibiotics in their dog treats.   Let Yebo Group help you design the perfect packaging for your products!


Counter Top Display – See It Clean It

February 9, 2012

Another great project completed by Yebo Group!  This box is a Tuck Top, Auto Bottom (TTAB), Counter Top Display for See It Clean It; Advanced Microfiber Clothes.  The first thing you notice is the bright, eye catching red label which is created by using a litho laminated label.  Then the function of this package is perfect for a counter top display. After opening the box, the lid folds and tucks into a cut slit in the back of the box.  Another feature to this package is the perforated sides for easy removal, making the product ready for immediate placement on your counter top for purchase!    


Boom Boom! Counter top display

June 30, 2011

Yebo Group custom designed this box for Boom Boom Revolution; a card game with a modern take on the classic idea of paying it forward .   These custom counter top displays have cut top headers and is covered full litho laminated labels.   The box on the left has a 6-slot built-in insert, as well as a solid insert covered in a litho laminated label.  The colors are very vibrant and the printing crisp and easy to read.  The box on the right has a 12 slot built-in insert, with a different design, but all the same printing process.   These custom boxes are sure to catch customers attention!


Counter Top Display with the works!

June 24, 2011

The Yebo Group designed this eye catching specialty box that has everything!  This counter top display is constructed with an auto bottom tuck top, perforated sides, a folding header with a built-in insert, and a printed litho label.

The auto bottom allows for quick set up and easy placement
of product into the built-in insert. The tuck top easily opens and closes and folds effortlessly into the header and the litho labels colors are bright and printing crisp and sharp.  When displaying the package, the perforated sides remove quickly and easily.

Let The Yebo Group help you design the perfect packaging for
your products!