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Antigravity Batteries Retail Box

January 31, 2012

Yebo Group worked to design this box for Antigravity Batteries, Premium High Power-Lightweight Batteries.   This package was designed to protect the battery, keeping out any foreign objects that can creep into the box during shipping and it provides a more secure closure.  The lid works two fold; the sides of the lid are “dust flaps” holding the battery securely in the box, and the extended lip of lid is the “cherry locks”, which provide a more secure closure.   Custom foam was also created by Yebo Group to fit into the box, also holding and protecting  the battery.

Yebo also helped Antigravity Batteries save money!  Instead of making a completely White Kraft box, we kept the outside of the box Kraft (brown) and applied a full litho laminated label and made the inside of the box White Kraft, creating the clean look the customer was looking for.  It’s a small box doing many functions and looking good doing them all!


FightDentist (Sleeve)

February 2, 2011

Yebo Group designed a sleeve for Fight Dentist which was a short run of 100 boxes, which makes this an ideal printed sleeve candidate. Visit Fight Dentist for Mouth Guards!


Global Perspectives (Pop-Up Towels)

January 28, 2011








Yebo Group along with Pop-Up Towels and Global Perspectives have made a unique custom box to hold their products in. Pop-up Towels and Global Perspectives Inc. is an American owned and operated company. Based out of North Carolina, and owned by two retired career Armed Forces veterans. The company operates on a foundation of strong leadership principals that serve to guide their everyday decisions such that they preserve the integrity of the company, dutifully pursue their mission, and ensure customer satisfaction at every level. Contact yebo group for custom designs and packaging!











Protective Packaging: Presenting a solution to Vividlite

June 8, 2010
Vividlite L.E.D. Light packaging

A great designed protective package for this unique L.E.D. light

Vividlite contacted the Yebo Group to help design a packaging to safely transport the next generation of wireless LED Technology.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite met and discussed the importance of packaging the product to make a safe transit.  Information needed included, how the product is shipped, what is the product made from, what encompasses the whole package, Does the package need to also be a carrying case, and how does Vividlite want the package to look once delivered.  Once this information was gathered the Yebo Group went to work designing a foam set from eco-friendly poly lam foam to protect the package from damage as a single shipment and also to fit a stock carton.  This allowed Vividlite to keep costs at a minimum since the packaging was only going to be used as a one-way shipper.  About 3-4 days later we met again with a prototype sample.  The Yebo Group and Vividlite discussed he prototype and decided it was ready to go to production with just one minor size change.  The Yebo Group delivered the production run about 5 days later.


Packaging Foam Environmentally Friendly?

May 7, 2010
"Green Packaging Foam"

A sustainable Eco-friendly packaging foam

Natural Packaging Polyurethane Foam by Foamex Innovations

Foamex has a deep commitment to producing “Eco-Friendly” polyurethane foams. Their Variable Pressure Foam Technology has created a great performing packaging foam that is virtually emissions-free. VPF is the most environmentally friendly process for the manufacture of polyurethane foams worldwide.
PolyPlank® Renewby Pregis
PolyPlank® Renewplank foam, a closed-cell foam, is easy to fabricate, resilient and provides excellent non-abrasive properties. PolyPlank® Renewplank foam contains at least 60% and up to 100% recycled pre-consumer raw material content. This makes it an environmentally sensible solution to today’s waste and pollution concerns.
Both of these great Environmentally Friendly products address end-customers and consumer’s environmental concerns. Contact Yebo to “green” your protective packaging needs.

Eco-Friendly Ringed Binders

May 2, 2010


Eco-Friendly Binders

Yebo Group Eco-friendly Binder

Everyone is thinking “green” these days. When it comes to eco-friendly binders, chipboard (recycled paperboard) offers two main advantages: it is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Yebo’s chipboard binders come in two main styles. The first is raw chipboard that is decorated by digital printing, screen printing, foil stamp or de-bossing. The binder covers and spine are biodegradable and have an earthy look and feel.  These environmentally friendly bare board 3-ring binders are FSC certified 100% post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable. Crafted of non-toxic, acid neutral binders board, these eco friendly 3-ring binders offer a stronger, better and economical alternative to vinyl. You can buy these binders with a clear conscience because they are 100% green.

 The second style has a digital or offset lithograph printed sheet that is glued to the raw chipboard on one or both sides and then die cut. To finish your custom binder, we simply assemble a metal ring in position. Get inventive by combining other eco-friendly materials. You will be surprised at the artistic designs and spectacular custom binders available within a “green” environment. The possibilities are endless!

Recycled paperboard Binders have been subjected to a huge amount of strength testing. The hinge is an integral part of the binder, not a separate pieces like most binders.  An independent testing laboratory flexed recycled paperboard binders over 250,000 times without failing, the equivalent of using the binder 20 times a day for 34+ years.


Why Folding Cartons are Good for the Enviroment.

May 2, 2010
!00% Post COnsumer Paper Board

Folding Carton - Green Packaging

A Folding Carton is one of the most common forms of consumer packaging and one of the easiest to recycle and make from 100% recycled post consumer paper.  Folding cartons are the retail packaging that holds the individual product units and whose primary purpose is to promote and display the product and to generate impulse buying.  Folding Cartons are primarily green packaging, they are environmentally friendly and have an extremely high recycling and recovery record. With the introduction of 100% Post Consumer fiber-board now available and in many options you can create a wonderful carton out of someone else’s trash.  Folding Cartons are one of the Yebo Group’s specialty.

Folding Cartons have come a long way from their simple beginnings in a jewelry store. The technology is changing daily and now almost anything you can imagine can be done with folding cartons. The printing and graphic options are stunning, they are cost effective and extremely versatile as well as strong and durable. Folding Cartons are graphically intense and eye catching, and separate your products from the others on crowded store shelves to help increase sales dramatically. Paperboard folding carton packaging is constantly changing and new technologies, equipment and designs appear on an almost daily basis. With today’s technology the possibilities of what you can package with folding cartons truly is limited only by the imagination.