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Tacos Need Boxes Too!

February 26, 2015

049 Zwacoz LIf you’re looking for a fun and interesting way to deliver your gourmet food to your customers, Zwacos Gourmet Tacos has the right idea! These boxes were created out of 18 point folding carton and meet all of their catering needs. With inserts to hold their tacos and inserts holding 1-2 sauces, everything they want fits perfectly into a small box 6 x 3 x 2.5 inches and is covered with a sleeve that brands their company name, logo and information. This is a fun, colorful and playful way to present awesome food to clients in a professional and cost efficient manner. Look to Yebo! for all of your food packaging needs, we can get it done the gourmet way!


Look Ma, No Hands!

April 2, 2013

Pillow box Secretz collage

Don’t you hate carrying a purse everywhere you go when all you need are your keys, cell phone, cash and lipstick? These are too many items to carry in your hands. Secretz has solved this problem with their 3-pocket garter purse. Yebo has solved Secretz packaging needs with this pretty purple Pillow Box. Using the box is a snap! Close the bottom, slip the purse inside, then snap close the top and it’s ready for purchase. Yebo can help solve your packing needs!

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A Few Box Styles

September 21, 2012

Yebo has made many different style boxes to hold many different products for Dynamic Perception, makers of low-cost and easy to use photographic motion-control systems.  Each box is made of 18pt cover using 4-color litho laminated labels with aqueous coating. Though not pictured, Yebo produced the recycled black polylam foam inserts used in each box.

Let Yebo customize packaging and inserts for your special products.


Cold Sore Mercy

May 12, 2011
Cold Sore Mercy
Yebo Group colloborated with Oil of Mercy in creating a hanging retail folding carton to package for “Cold Sore Mercy”, a holistic lip balm. The design was direct print on 12pt paper, cut and glued to the clients exact specifications

GTL Fuel

May 11, 2011

GTL Fuel manufactures a range of products that fuel every part of your day and Yebo Group was able to provide them custom packaging to hold their 1 ounce tubes of Energy Shots.  Yebo Group created an eye catching counter top display printed on a folding carton with a die cut tray insert, holding each tube upright, and an attached header card to attract customer’s attention.It's A Way Of Life


Potrero Tea Company Retail Boxes

December 14, 2010
Potrero Tea Company Tea Boxes 8 versions

San Francisco based Potrero Tea Company retail boxes

Potrero Tea Company, based in San Francisco, was founded with a simple mission: to give good health and to make a positive impact in others lives. The Yebo Group was proud to work with Potrero to create 8 unique retail boxes to go along with their broad selection of favorite premium teas, many of which are USDA Certified Organic. Visit Potrero Tea Company and “Give the Gift of Good health”



Quality packaging meets a Customer Price Point: Custom Colors and Downgrading the Board weight.

June 8, 2010
Folding Carton 12pt SBS 4CP + PMS 877

Wave Energy Drink new 4 Can Retail Pack

Wave Energy Drink approached the Yebo Group to design a retail pack for 4 cans of their energy drink.  We originally designed the pack in 18pt sbs.  The cost per unit was too high to make it work within their budget and price target.  We redesigned the pack to use a 12pt SBS and reduced the cost to make this initial test run pencil out.  Wave Energy Drink uses a four-color logo plus they wanted a specific silver to match the aluminum cans the drinks are supplied in.  We did a color draw down on a  PMS silver that turned out to be the best result.  If you run into color match problems with your printing please contact the Yebo Group to see how we can help with your retail packaging needs.