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Timbuk2 Cubed

April 23, 2013

STE Thumblocks Timbuk2 collage

This corrugated 12 x 12 x 12 cube was created specifically for display purposes for Timbuk2. Each panel has a different picture of San Francisco for versatility. Since this box is being used for display purposes it needs to be versatile and sturdy. The sturdiness comes from the thin corrugated paper used and different pictures of San Francisco on each panel, in a full litho laminated label, creates versatility. A little box know how used by Yebo! to keep the box openings held tightly closed were using thumb locks. These help the box not bow out, become bent, or lose its square shape. Yebo! made a great looking customized display box to display Timbuk2’s great customizable products. Check out our Facebook page to see them displayed!


Boxes & Foam & Games, Oh my!

April 11, 2013

RETT DFCL Cascadia collage

We might not be experts on how Game Dock works, which turns your iPhones and iPads into a console, but we are experts on creating packaging for them!
The foam insert we customized to fit Cascadia Games, Game Dock. The foam insert is placed into the RETT DFCL that is covered in a litho label with aqueous coating. Yebo! also produced the shipping box printed. It is printed on two panels of the RSC/shipping box. Cascadia Game’s logo is printed on the front panel and their website address is printed on one side of the RSC. With Yebo! it is one stop shopping for all your packaging needs.


Corrugated Mailer with Adhesive and Tear Strips

September 19, 2012

On the last post you saw our good looking black Nubo, rigid 2-piece set up box.  Yebo! created this corrugated mailer to hold the black box for shipping.  The black box fits snuggly into the mailer, leaving just enough room for the dust flaps to tuck into each side of the box, holding it securely for shipping.  Also, the mailer lid wraps around the front of the box and tucks underneath, where the self-adhesive tape attaches, holding the lid securely closed. The top of the box is now ready to adhere an address/postage label and the tear strip under the box  will make opening easy for the recipient.


Roll End Tuck Top Cherry Lock Box for Minx Nails

June 30, 2011

This customized box was created by Yebo Group for Minx Nails, the product that extends fashion to your fingertips.

Making sure all the products contained within the box remain safe during shipping and storage, Yebo Group developed a Roll End Tuck Top Cherry Lock Box with Built-in Double Inserts.   The dust flaps tuck into the side of the box to keep dust and particles out of the package during shipping and the cherry lock flaps, which fit tightly into the front sides of the box, keeping the lid securely closed during shipping and storage.

In addition, the built-in inserts have folding sides to provide double walls of cushion to protect and hold the products in place during shipping.  The insert on the left of the box is an elevated divider which accommodates the necessary parts included in the kit.

The art work inside and outside of the box is eye catching and sleek.  Yebo created this black box by flood coating both inside and outside. Upon opening the lid the bright and colorful Spot Litho Label immediately grabs your attention.  And the silver you see everywhere is the Minx Logo directly printed onto the box using Silver PMS (Pantone Matching System) adding to the wow effect of the package!

The design of the box was perfect for the products within and the art work placed on the box is as hip and sleek as the Minx products themselves.


Flourlessbliss Shipping Box

June 10, 2011

This corrugated box is used as a shipping box for Flourlessbliss.  It measures 10-3/8 x 7-3/4 x 5-3/8 with direct printing. The color of printing and the wording printed on the box was created specifically for shipping Flourlessbliss’ 4 and 2 ounce plastic cookie tubes.  Each side of the box displays FRAGILE and printed on the top of the box is an understandable sign advising NO CUT.  The color choice is perfect and compliments the cookies packaging and a good choice in protecting their products through the shipping process.   


The iPhone Box

November 29, 2010

The Yebo Group worked along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida to provide custom iPhone boxes which held a USB with an iPhone App. 500 were manufactured.  These iPhone Boxes were made with 40pt black chip with a laminated a graphic that had a silk feel to it. It also included foam insert which held the USB with the Application. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association . The Association governs the business practice of approximately 42 independent plans located nationwide and in Puerto Rico.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans provide health care coverage for 88.7 million – or more than one in three – Americans.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida used these iPhone Boxes to promote a mobile app.


Prego Pillow massage for Pregnant Women: Shipping Box

June 9, 2010
Prego Pillow b Body's Kneaded

Yebo Group designed a custom shipping box for Prego Pillow

The Prego Pillow was developed by Body’s Kneaded, a southern California company that was in search of a better way to massage pregnant women.  The Yebo Group designed a custom shipping box to provide an adequate and affordable way to ship these unique massage pillows.  Boxes can can be made to open on many sides. The Prego Pillow product needed a long rectangle box.  BY opening the box on the 2 smallest dimensions we reduced the cost. The old adage “deeper is cheaper” resulted was a lower cost for this custom shipping carton.  Contact for your shipping boxes.

Prego Pillow by Body's Kneaded

Body's Kneaded - Fleece Covered Prego Pillow