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Zooom Productions (RedBull)

January 31, 2011

Yebo Group along with Red Bull Media House () work on a custom RETT for there staff 1400 were made THREE60Five 10

was one of the products that included a custom foam insert to hold a picture book and a can of Redbull along with a card.

The other RETT was for a trade show in washington same foam insert to hold a Redbullshot and a USB business card. The Yebo Group did the fulfillment and shipped out same day.


Global Perspectives (Pop-Up Towels)

January 28, 2011








Yebo Group along with Pop-Up Towels and Global Perspectives have made a unique custom box to hold their products in. Pop-up Towels and Global Perspectives Inc. is an American owned and operated company. Based out of North Carolina, and owned by two retired career Armed Forces veterans. The company operates on a foundation of strong leadership principals that serve to guide their everyday decisions such that they preserve the integrity of the company, dutifully pursue their mission, and ensure customer satisfaction at every level. Contact yebo group for custom designs and packaging!











Bumble Bags

January 4, 2011

The Bumble Collection and Yebo Group worked together to create a custom box that would hold up well on the retail shelf, yet also be cost effective.   We initially designed the box using a 24pt cover stock.  The box had a die cut window and the product was bulging out of the window.  If we enlarged the box it would no longer fit on a 40″ press and moving to a larger press was cost prohibitive.  We moved to a corrugated box, which held the product nicely and would also hold up well when retailers opened and shut the box.  Contact us for your custom box needs, our specialist will assist you in finding the right solution for your product and your budget!